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What's the Movie About?

Oops, I Murdered the Person the Person I Like Likes is a feature-length film made entirely with cut-out paper puppets. Based on The Spanish Tragedie, a play written in the 16th Century by Thomas Kyd (a contemporary of Shakespeare), it tells the story of Horatio, servant to princess Bellimperia, who plans to kill her lover in order to take his place.

Themes include cycles of revenge and ruthlessly Machiavellian characters, and this is often played for laughs.

Why Puppets?

I was inspired to try making a film using only my drawings after seeing Superstar: the Karen Carpenter Story, a 1987 cult film directed by Todd Haynes, made with Barbie dolls instead of real actors.

The story is based on "The Spanish Tragedy" by Thomas Kyd, which served as the basis for Hamlet. I learned about The Spanish Tragedy after copying Hamlet by hand as a writing exercise. 

Got Any Videos?

The trailer and movie are within the same video player, so use this embed code to display the movie trailer on your site! It will help direct people to the film if they like the trailer.

How About Some Promotional Images and .gifs?

Horatio seeing Andrea and Bellimperia in love

Horatio Harangued by Andrea

Cyprienna Influencing the King

Horatio delivering a letter to Lorenzo

Surrendering to the Portuguese

Lorenzo and Cyprienna hatching a plot

Balthazar threatening the King

Cannon Fire .Gif

Tongue Being Pulled out of a man's head

The image below represents, starting from the upper-left hand corner and going clockwise, the process used to make the puppets. They'd be drawn and inked, then glued to a piece of cardboard, cut out, then stored. When it was time to film, they'd be taped to a plastic curtain rod and filmed. A different puppet was used for each emotion of the character, and jump cuts were used to cut between the two different poses.

The process of how OIMTPTPILL was made, clockwise from the upper left

This image shows how the technique works: each layer of the shot was drawn on a different piece of cardboard, and arranged on a home-made multi-plane camera rig. Colored gels in front of lights provided the film's rich color. The camera was able to roll left-and-right and up-and-down, to create the parallax compositions.

Multi-Plane Camera Setup

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About OIMPTPTPILL:

Q: So it's a puppet show? Like the muppets?

A: I wish! "Puppet show" is just the easiest way to describe it. Really it's drawings on sticks, moving in time with a dialogue track. Puppet show is just way easier to say. Another way I describe it is "stop motion, without the stop!"


Q: How long did it take to make this?

A: It took me 2.75 years, and yes, I made it in my mom's garage. It would have taken only 1 year and 9 months, and was originally going to be computer animated, but halfway through I decided the story wasn't up to my own standards, so I decided to start over. The only part of that version of the film which remains is a 3D model of El Escorial castle I made, which you can see in the opening titles.


Q: What gives? There are only two female characters!

A: I had to take Bellimperia's role in a different direction due to a scheduling conflict, which is sad because the Bellimperia of the source material is the great unsung IDGAF bad-ass of Elizabethan drama. This is one of the reasons why I've included the source material (with modernized translation) alongside the film: so you can see what the original play was like. And if you're interested in strong female characters, definitely give it a read. Bellimperia has the most complex wordplay out of all the characters, and, without spoiling it the last act, Bellimperia kicks ass in a way you won't see in other play from that period.

Also, the source material is filled with gory, vivid descriptions of Hell, so check it out if that's your thing. There's a lot to love about The Spanish Tragedie, and I hope that people will read it because of my movie.

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