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Did you enjoy Oops, I Murdered the Person the Person I Like Likes? Want to help spread the word, and make some cash while doing it? Great! You might be interested in becoming an affiliate!

What's an Affiliate?

If you've ever watched a YouTube video sponsored by or SquareSpace, you've seen Affiliate Marketing in action. If you click on that sponsored link and end up purchasing the advertised product or service, the content creator gets a small portion of the sale price. Commission, baby!

How would being an OIMTPTPILL affiliate work?

  1. contact me on the form at the bottom of the page, to let me know you're interested! Don't worry about your audience size or if you've never done this before, anyone is welcome to have a go. But let me know where you intend to post the link.
  2. I'll give you a discount coupon code for people to enter at checkout, and you'll be paid a commission each time the coupon code is redeemed!

How do I get paid?

All new coupon redemptions will be tallied each week. Commission will be paid monthly via PayPal to an email address of your nomination. In terms of taxes, since it varies between countries, that's on you. We'll assume a client-contractor relationship, where I'm the client.

Do you have ads or promotional images I can use?

Yes I do! Let me know what you need, and I can supply it for you.

I write movie reviews, do you require me to write a glowing five-star review in order to be an affiliate?

My theory is that movie reviews work best when they're honest. So as long as the review ends with a call-to-action for people to watch the movie (hence using your affiliate code), you can say whatever you want.

I have more questions!

Fill out the contact form below and let me know!

I'm ready to become an affiliate!

Awesome! Fill out the form below, and I'll be in touch soon!


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