Oops, I Murdered the Person the Person I Like Likes is a revenge movie about Horatio,

a servant who loves Princess Bellimperia. The feeling's not mutual: she's involved with a soldier, Andrea, and on top of that, her father has betrothed her to Don Lorenzo, leader of the Spanish Army.

When Bellimperia sends Horatio to the front lines to deliver a letter, he learns his crush has a secret plan: to have Andrea kill Lorenzo!

Horatio warns Lorenzo of this treachery. As a reward, Lorenzo offers to make Horatio a noble... if he takes care of Andrea.

When the Spanish Army falls into an ambush, Horatio gets the opportunity to murder the person the person he likes likes. And from there, things just go so wrong.

This film is suitable for ages 13+. Total Run Time: 50 minutes.

Why you should watch this movie:

This unique way of making movies will change your perception of what filmmaking is.

The tragicomic story provides wry humor and a cathartic exploration of forbidden emotions: greed, anger, ruthlessness, and grief.

Plus, you will be introduced to a beautiful yet overlooked classic of Western Literature!

"Hold on," you say, "I'm pretty sure there is no literary classic called "Oops, I Murdered the Person the Person I Like Likes". You're right! This movie is...

The Spanish Tragedie, or Hieronimo is Mad, Againe

was one of the first plays to combine Christian morality plays with Latin tragedy.

It's about madness, feigned and real, and contains the first instance of the best theatrical trope of all time, a play-within-a-play used to trap a murderer. Plus, there are disgustingly vivid descriptions of Hell, mousetrap plots, and tons of gore!

Oh, and the play features one of the strongest female characters of the Elizabethan era: Bel-imperia, who weaves verbal webs of triple-entendres around all the men who try to possess her. And no spoilers, but you'll be amazed by what she does in Act V!

In making the film, I chose to create my own version of the story, and I updated the dialogue to remove the thees, thous, and thums. However, I want you to experience the original story too, which is why...

Click here to download Act One of the translation; get a taste!

Plus, Special Features!

Included with the film as special features is a copy of the soundtrack, a feature-length commentary track, and even more surprises!

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